Utilise Your Storage Space For Your Business Documents!

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If you’re involved in the day to day running of a business, you’ll be familiar with the never ending torrent of paperwork that come with it. If you’re short on space around the office, then storing business documents onsite can be simply impossible. That’s why a lot of businesses turn to off-site self storage for their documents. And that’s a great solution! But, like anything, there is a certain way to store documents that will maximise your convenience. It’s all pretty straightforward too. So have a read through our tips to store documents and think about how they can help your system.

Most tips to store documents deal with classification and organisation – here are our tips

If you’ve researched other tips to store documents, you’ll be aware that classification and organisation are key. But that doesn’t mean you should have a needlessly complicated system of classification. Remember, other people will probably need to access these files later on. That means your system should be easy for anyone to identify. We recommend something basic like alphabetical order, or date. And whatever you choose, make sure it’s well signed!

It’s important to store paperwork securely – these tips to store documents can help with that

If you’re thinking about saving some money on storage and keeping documents in your garage, think again! Sure, it might be the cheap option. But it simply doesn’t afford your documents the security they need. Security is probably the most important of our tips to store documents. And the best way to keep your documents securely
is at a self storage facility. There, you can keep your documents under lock and key, with the added benefits of security patrols and CCTV. When you put it like that, the cost doesn’t seem too bad at all!

These are our tips to store documents without having to worry about mould

Mould is the scourge of all paperwork and there’s nothing worse than having to flip through dusty, musty documents. So what are some tips to store documents without mould? Our first piece of advice is to make sure the paper can breathe – don’t keep it in plastic where moisture can recirculate. Our second, and most important, piece of advice is to choose a secure, dry storage unit and some sturdy shelves. This will keep your documents up high and away from any moisture. It’s also worth dusting the shelves and documents every now and then.

When you store documents, you should set strict timeframes – you can’t store them forever!

Storing documents is a constant battle – it’s not a set and forget solution. The most important thing to remember is that you will have more and more documents coming into storage every week. That’s just the nature of the beast! So if there are some coming in, there will need to be some coming out too. We recommend working out how long you need to keep your documents for reference. Based on that, you can determine when it is appropriate to have them disposed.

Remember, the government has tips to store documents for tax purposes – keep them in mind

Before you rush to get rid of your documents, though, you need to remember that they may be necessary for tax purposes. There are regulations that specify how long certain financial and employment documents need to be kept. These regulations are in place so that if government departments, like the tax office, have any issues, you have all the necessary information on hand. So do some research and make sure you’re on top of the rules. That can save you any run-ins with the authorities in the future.

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