The Ultimate Declutter Your Home Checklist

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By this point in the year, the benches are starting to stack up and things just aren’t where they should be. At least, that’s our experience! And that means one thing: a big decluttering project is just around the corner. If that made your blood run cold, then you’re probably not alone. The annual decluttering project is on nobody’s list of fun activities. But it needs to be done, and luckily, it’s not as hard as it seems. With this home decluttering checklist, we reckon you’ll get it done in no time.

Take an inventory, room by room, and use it to create your home declutter checklist

Before you know what needs to go, you need to know what to keep. And the best way to do that is with a checklist! So do a thorough sweep, room by room, and list the things that have to stay right where they are, and the things that don’t. This will be a prime point of reference when you really get into the nitty gritty of your project.

Start in one room and don’t stop: only tick it off your home declutter checklist when it’s done

Once you’ve completed an inventory, visual or written, get to work! Our best piece of advice is to stick at the one room until it’s done. Ticking off your checklist is a methodical process, and it will be significantly interrupted if you have to come and go from one room to another. The best course of action is always to dispatch one room at a time, and don’t leave until it is done! That way, you can tick it off your home decluttering checklist once and for all, and move on to the next room.

Garbage bags and damp rags: your two top tools to add to your home decluttering checklist

The two most basic tools of the home declutterer are garbage bags, and damp rags. Garbage bags have a pretty obvious purpose: they store those things you need to get rid of as you. But what about damp rags—what are they for? Basically, your damp rag allows you to attack dust and mould as soon as you uncover it. Even in those hard to reach places. You can also put some clove oil on your rag for that extra scented touch. With the damp rag, you can get dust and mould under control before the final vacuum.

Start high: put benchtops, shelves and beds at the top of your decluttering checklist and work down

Benchtops are the number one hiding place for clutter. If you’re anything like most people, your bench space probably decreases as the year goes on—from one annual decluttering odyssey to the next. That’s why our home declutter checklist always starts high. Go from the top of the book shelves, down to benches, bedside tables, coffee tables and so on. This works all the clutter down, and it brings all the dust down with it. As a result, you can catch it all with your final vacuum. You don’t have to worry about covering your freshly cleaned floors with a new layer of dust.

Be ruthless: you’ll never complete your home declutter checklist without getting rid of things. But that doesn’t always mean throwing out!

Sentimentality is probably the biggest cause of clutter. There are some things we just never want to get rid of. But, at the end of the day, they probably don’t belong on our kitchen counters! So where should they go? Our final item for your home decluttering checklist is a trip to a self storage unit. Self storage is the perfect place for those belongings that have great meaning, but don’t see a whole lot of use.

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