Shipping Containers and Why the Gold Coast Can’t Get Enough

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Shipping containers are big business on the Gold Coast as people have come to realise that they’re convenient and cost-effective storage solutions for their gear while renovating units or in between moves. But there’s another way to take advantage of shipping containers, Gold Coast residents, and have your dream holiday paid for by someone else!

Rent your unit out in peak season

With the phenomenal rise in the peer-to-peer accommodation site Airbnb over the last few years you can take advantage of renting out your unit during the Gold Coast’s peak holiday season and escape the craziness by taking a holiday somewhere a little more quiet and relaxing.

Use the money you make renting your unit to take a holiday in Bali, Thailand or a wine tour of the Margaret River region in Western Australia. Or camp out at your mum and dad’s and put the money towards your three-month around-the-world holiday. The choices are endless.

Safe and convenient storage

If you’re renting out your unit for a couple of weeks you’ll need somewhere to safely store all of your gear to keep it away from strangers’ prying eyes. If you don’t have a lock up garage, or if you want something a little more secure, the best solution is hiring a shipping container on the Gold Coast where you can secure all your stuff securely on-site.

For on-site self-storage, All Sized Shedsat Currumbin has a range of shipping containers Gold Coast locals can choose from. Their shipping containers are secure, clean and great value for money. You can relax or party hard on your holiday safe in the knowledge that your gear is in safe hands. Their storage facilities are securely gated and monitored by electronic surveillance and entrance is only available with the use of an electronic pass.

The best time to rent your Gold Coast unit out

Peak holiday season on the Gold Coast is from mid-December to the end of January. The average price of renting a unit on Airbnb on the Gold Coast during this high season is around $368 per night for one person or $433 for a family of three. You can rent a three-bed villa with staff and a private pool in Bali for similar prices. Alternatives to Airbnb include TripAdvisor’s Flipkey, Roomarama and HomeAway.

Start dreaming, get packing and book your shipping container now

Who’d have thought that shipping containers on the Gold Coast could help pay for all or most of your dream holiday! The Gold Coast can’t get enough holiday units for Christmas on the beach, or enough shipping containers. Gold Coast shipping containers for the safe and secure storage of all of your gear are available now through All Sized Sheds in Currumbin.

Contact All Size Sheds today for more innovative storage solutions on the Gold Coast.

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