Organising Your Wardrobe: 5 Tips For Off Season Clothing Storage

off season winter clothing storage

If you’re like most of us, your wardrobe probably isn’t a series of neatly stacked shelves. Sure, it may have started like that, but hey – when you’re in a rush those neatly folded clothes can quickly turn into crumpled piles. The best way to address this: off season clothing storage! Storing your off season clothes will allow you to reclaim space in your wardrobe and keep those clothes neat. But, as with all things storage, there are a few tricks to good of season clothing storage. And here are some of our favourites!

Before your off season clothing storage project, make sure you rewash all the clothes you will store!

Cleanliness is key to off season clothing storage. If your off season clothes have been sitting unused for a little while now, give them another wash. This will refresh them before you put them into storage for the longer term. It’s especially important to do this around Queensland, where more humid conditions can foster mildew and mould – even in washed clothes. By refreshing them in the washing machine, you can make sure their condition is immaculate before their trip into storage.

Got off season clothing that’s leather, linen or cotton? Try and avoid storage in plastic

In reality, there are relatively few things that respond well to long term storage in plastic. And when it comes to off season clothing storage, that is especially true. Plastic is not at all breathable, and most clothing is made from natural fibres, which need to breathe. If they can’t, they will deteriorate rapidly and likely need to be discarded. Of all the materials that are used to make clothes, leather responds the worst to storage in plastic. So keep that in mind when you’re packaging your off season clothing for storage!

If your off season clothing storage is only likely to last a month or two, you could get away with vacuum bags

With the exception of leather, plastic vacuum bags are an option for short term off season clothing storage. These bags work well by compressing your clothes in an airtight plastic clothing bag. Not only is this space efficient, but it also prevents pests and mould from running rampant in your stored clothes. However, we don’t recommend storing off season clothing like this for too long. It can have the same adverse effects as storing in regular plastic wrap, and it can also collapse your clothes, due to the vacuum method it uses.

Check your environment: off season clothing storage is always more effective when it’s dry and cool

Off season clothing storage is a lot like food storage: you always want to go for cool, dark, and dry. Direct sunlight, heat, and moisture are anathema to stored clothing. Such conditions encourage mould, mildew, pests and deterioration. In southern parts of Australia, this is not such an issue. But in the more humid climate of Queensland, selecting the right location for your off season clothing storage is paramount. In summer, it may even be worth dehumidifying the cupboards or closets that are storing your clothes.

Finally, make sure pests like moths and roaches are under control in your off season clothing storage area

Finally, let’s talk pests. Pests love to inhabit a lot of the same areas as off season clothes. They can also do quite a lot of damage to your clothing. Moths are normally the worst for this, but mothballs aren’t exactly an appealing solution. To get around the smell, we recommend natural alternatives like cedar balls. These have much the same effect as mothballs, but without that distinct mothball smell.

For the perfect off season clothing storage solution, take a look at our facilities.

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