List of things to buy before moving house

Along with a checklist of things to organise when moving house, there are also a number of things that you’ll need to buy, either to help you with the move, or to assist you as soon as you get into the new place.

All Size Sheds share our must have items to ensure a smooth move, and to help you budget for the move so these extra necessities don’t place extra financial stress on what is often a process with many other costs involved. Some of these you might already have, but if not, it makes smart sense to have these items handy for the new abode. Here’s our list of things that you may regret if you forget.

Curtains or window coverings – Many rental homes don’t come with curtains so it’s wise to have these for privacy, especially for windows facing the street. This can also reduce opportunistic theft and enhance the security. If the shower/bath combo includes a shower curtain rail, it might be nice to also start your new home with a fresh, clean shower curtain.

Tools – There are often minor repairs that you might want to make to the new place. There are many other tools to keep handy including a plunger is a good idea, flashlight, batteries, and a step ladder to replace any blown light bulbs (there usually at least a few to replace when moving to a new house)

Toilet Paper – Don’t get caught out with this easy to forget item, otherwise when you realise there is none, it’s already too late!

Cleaning Supplies – Garbage bags, hand soap, floor cleaner and glass cleaner will all make it easier for you to make sure your new place it in a nice state for you to enjoy. Don’t forget hand towels and tea towels. Make sure you have a few garbage bins too for the office, kitchen and bathroom as moving means generating a lot of rubbish and can be messy.

Vacuum Cleaner – Chances are you’ll want to give the floors a run over in the new place, especially if the home has been empty for a while and dust has accumulated. Since floors are the single biggest surface of the home, vacuuming can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the home and get your home looking its best from the beginning.

Boxes for moving – Moving countless miscellaneous items is made a whole lot easier when things are neatly organised into boxes. Not only does it make it easier (and quicker) to physically move things, it will prevent things getting lost, missed or dropped. See our guide to finding free boxes for more info.

Packing tape, foam and bubble wrap for fragile itemsThese will all help your prized possessions and save heartbreak and rage from smashed collectibles, picture frames and china.

It easy to start mentally purchasing a new lounge suite or other items to decorate your new home, but a new lounge or fancy TV can wait.  Get the basics covered first and then the fun of decking out your new digs can really begin. While moving is stressful, once the new place is set up the way you like, the rewards can be huge – it can often mean a complete change of lifestyle!

If you need temporary storage for items that won’t fit in your new home or for any other reason call the best secure self storage specialists in Robina and the Gold Coast at All Size Sheds today on (07) 5534 7181.

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