Innovative Ways to Reuse Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

Have you just moved to a new house? If so, chances are there are more than few boxes making their presence felt around the house. Moving boxes are tough, and usually have a few moves left in them before retirement. But with years between moves – sometimes more – storing them simply isn’t feasible.

Then again, neither is throwing them away! Luckily, there’s a great middle ground. Sure, reusing moving boxes for future moves is obvious. But there are plenty of other uses on offer. With a bit of creativity, you can reuse your old moving boxes in these innovative ways.

Turning moving boxes into tote bags – all you need to reuse the box is some fabric and an old belt!

Moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes. This tip works best with smaller moving boxes, although you can always cut bigger ones down if that’s all you have. To create your own tote bag out of reused moving boxes, simply get some fabric and an old belt. Use a contact adhesive – PVA glue works well – and stick a sturdy cotton or denim fabric to all surfaces of the moving box. When that glue dries, you can fasten a strip of leather from the old belt to each side of the box. And there you have it: a sturdy, durable, and tessellating tote bag!

Here’s how to reuse moving boxes by turning them into jewellery trays

Valuables like jewellery seem to end up on all sorts of surfaces around the house. That’s why almost everyone has space for a jewellery tray or two! Whether you use it for jewellery, change, or assorted odds and ends, it will no doubt prove useful. Better still, it’s easy to make from reused moving boxes.

You’ll need some glue, some scissors, and a bit of creative flare. The easiest way to start is by cutting panels from the moving boxes. With those panels, you can fashion trays and small boxes in a variety of shapes. When the glue dries, stick panels of fabric to all surfaces of the tray. That will increase its durability, and lend it a nice appearance.

Looking for a really simple way to reuse moving boxes? Drawer dividers are the solution for you!

If you’re not so much into arts and crafts as you are recycling, then this is the tip for you. All you need for this one is a reused moving box, some scissors, and a tape measure. Measure out the dimension of your drawers first. Then, cut out panels of cardboard to the appropriate length from your moving boxes. Then, simply slide the cardboard into your drawers as needed. That gives you custom drawer dividers, cut to your own personal specifications, and complete in minutes!

Holiday decorations: Get the kids to reuse moving boxes by turning them into holiday decorations

If you’re at a bit of a creative loss, then we suggest delegating the task of reusing moving boxes to the kids. Kids have an interminable supply of creativity, and moving boxes offer them a world of possibilities. The best place to start is with some simple holiday decorations. Whether for Easter, Christmas, or both, homemade holiday decorations always take pride of place around the home. So why not reuse moving boxes by turning them into beautiful holiday decorations?

Got a cat? You can reuse moving boxes by turning them into a DIY scratching post

Cats love to scratch. And a little too often, they scratch where they’re not meant to! That’s why cat scratching posts are a great way to reuse moving boxes. All you need is a sturdy timber rod, with a stable timber base. When you’ve got that, it’s just a matter of cutting equal squares of cardboard from your moving boxes.

Cut a hole in the centre of each, and stack the squares on the timber rod. Make sure you glue in between each, as well! That will give you a terrific cardboard cat scratcher, which can be as high or low as you need it to be, depending on the number of moving boxes you have to reuse.

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