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How To Store Hats

Hats are difficult to store – they’re awkwardly shaped, seldom stackable, and prone to creases and folds in all the wrong spots. But some hats are just too beautiful or too cool not to buy, so if you’re four or five hats into a collection, and bordering on a full-blown hat addiction, it’s time to get serious about hat storage ideas that will keep them in good condition. Luckily, we’ve got some tricks for storing hats over the long and short term, so you can keep your hats pristine until you use them again, whether next week or next season!

Hat storage boxes

Boxes are the ultimate storage solution, but sticking a hat in a box isn’t always going to keep it in good condition. In fact, if you pick the wrong box, it can make things worse. But how do you know if a hat storage box is good or not? The safest best, in our experience, is to pick the box that your hat came in on the day you bought it. If you purchased your hat from a specialty or designer store, it probably came in a box with an elevated platform inside, and a head-sized hole in that platform. And that’s what makes those boxes so good—you store the hat upside down, with the crown in the hole and the brim flat against the internal platform. It keeps your hat safe from creases, and allows you to store it in a stackable box for better space efficiency.

Here’s what to consider before you stack hats 

Stacking hats is a common DIY hat storage solution, but we wouldn’t recommend it for all hats. Even though most will stack to a reasonable standard, few tessellate perfectly. When you stack one hat on top of another, the hat sitting on top can be stretched by the hat underneath. That’s simply because the outside crown of a hat is slightly wider than the inside, so when you stack one hat on another you’ll either crumple the outside of the bottom hat, or stretch the inside of the upper hat.

Generally speaking, we don’t think stacking is the best approach to hat storage.

Hat hangers

Hat hangers are a fantastic way to store and show off your favourite hats. Hangers won’t push or pull any parts of a hat, so they’re less likely to cause uneven wear over time. But they don’t always feel like the most space efficient option, either. When you hang a hat, it takes up a fair bit of space around the circumference of its brim. If you’re fitting horizontal wall hangers, you’ll need to space them quite a distance apart so the hats aren’t overlapping. Luckily, the solution for that is an easy one: mount your hat hangers at vertical offsets. If you place the hat hangers closer together horizontally, but at different vertical levels, you can store more hats along any given length of wall. 

Hat storage ideas for natural fibres

If you’re storing wool or felt hats, you need to be pest aware. Moths love to gorge on natural fibres, and once you see them it’s already too late! We recommend storing your hats alongside mothballs wherever possible. If that’s not your preferred solution, try storing them in a natural timber box – cedar works great, as does camphor. Both timbers repel insects, and absorb moisture to help keep mould and mildew away. You can even make your own hat organiser by making a series of stackable cedar hat boxes. Simply replicate the design of the box it came in, as we described above. The added benefits of cedar or camphor will mean your hats are pest free, uncrumpled, and completely space efficient.

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