Hiring Removalists | Do You Really Need Them?

Removalists account for one of the bigger costs of moving. And when you see them hard at work in a Queensland summer, it’s easy to see why! But do you really need to hire removalists? After all, you know your stuff better than anyone – surely you could pack it and move it quickly. Well, maybe, but there’s more to it than that. A lot of the benefits of hiring removalists are unseen. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to hire removalists for your next move.

Hiring removalists is the best way to save time and effort – Here’s what they offer

Moving is a tough job. There’s heavy lifting, packing, strapping, driving, unpacking, and more. Even with a ute and a few friends, it’ll take you an entire day—at the very least! And that doesn’t even take into account all the packing required beforehand. Needless to say, moving is a job that you’re probably going to want to avoid. Balancing all that work with your job and family is tough at the best of times. By hiring removalists, you can take all the tough stuff out of moving. The heavy lifting, packing, strapping, driving, and even unpacking is all taken care of. And it’s quick!

Packing is an art: Hiring removalists will ensure that your belongings are packed perfectly

If you’ve ever tried to back a trailer, you probably know that it’s harder than it looks. Your wonderful possessions rarely seem to tesselate, which means space efficiency is about as achievable as a perfect score in Tetris. Then there’s the matter of securing it all. How much pressure can you apply with the bungee cords before your belongings are damaged? Generally, that’s something only experience can tell you. Luckily, when it comes to experience, removalists are loaded. They can pack your belongings in the most space-efficient way, which reduces the number of trips necessary and keeps costs at a minimum. They also know how to secure everything, so nothing is damaged in transit.

Unpacking is just as hard! Hiring removalists is a great way to ensure your storage unit is all sorted

Of course, packing is one thing, but unpacking is another entirely. Knowing which things to pull out first is a nightmare. Pulling them out is even harder still! The key to good unpacking is good packing. That means removalists will have your unpacking process made easier than ever. With everything in its place for the journey, unpacking is easy when you arrive.

Removalists have all the expert knowledge and equipment to ensure that your move is safe

On a serious note, heavy lifting is dangerous. Getting fridges, beds, and washing machines through tight spaces, upstairs, and onto trucks is hard work. One wrong move can cause injuries. Experience, equipment, and safe lifting techniques are the key to a smooth move. And removalists possess all in spades. Hiring removalists means there’s less chance of an injury. Removalists are also fully insured, so your belongings are protected, and so are the removalists.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you’re going, hiring removalists will get your gear there!

Whether you’re moving up the road or interstate, removalists will get you there. With everything squared away in a truck or shipping container, removalists can move your whole life vast distances in a matter of days. And whether you’re moving your gear into a new house, or long term storage unit, they’ll be able to unpack it quickly and safely. With so many benefits, it’s hard to go past hiring removalists for your move. Our advice: give it some thought next time you’re shifting your life in boxes!

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