Guide to Storing Camping and Sporting Equipment

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If you’ve got a shed full of camping gear, you’ve probably also got the urge to camp every weekend. However, it’s sad to say that few of us get the opportunity to do so. With work and family commitments, camping often has to take a back seat. Not to worry though – all you need to do is store your camping gear well so it’s ready to go next time. After all, if your camping gear is in good nick, you’ll have no troubles getting outdoors when the chance next arises. But that’s easier said than done. So often, when you bring out the camping gear, it’s still bearing remnants of your last trip. And not in a good way! Luckily, with these tips, storing your camping gear will be easier and more effective.

Air out your tent and similar camping gear before you store it all long-term

The first rule of camping gear storage is to air it all out. The most important things to air out are swags and tents. They tend to collect the slightly less pleasant reminders of your last time in the bush. After all, they are your home away from home – but without the advantage of a vacuum cleaner or broom. It might seem like a hassle at the time, but unrolling the swag, or putting up the tent in the backyard for a few hours is a great way to let them air. The result will be a fresh, insect free place to live next time you get out and about.

Double check camp cooking equipment! It’s amazing what can make it through the wash up…

There’s nothing like camp cooking. It doesn’t matter how much you drop – mess just isn’t a problem. Well, not when you’re out there anyway. But what about when you get home? Washing the dishes without running water is hard. You’re almost guaranteed to miss something. When you’re using the pots every day, that’s no big deal. Whatever you miss will be easily dealt with by high heat and use. It’s during storage that those leftover smudges become an issue. So before you store your camp cooking equipment, we suggest doing one last dishes run. Or, even better, put them through the dishwasher!

Store torches and electronic camping gear with the batteries removed – here’s why

Torches are your lifeline when you’re camping. Without them, night times would be a struggle to say the least. That’s why it’s important to take good care of them. One way of doing so is to store your torches and electronics without batteries. The reason is simple: batteries have a finite lifetime. Even if they’re not in direct use, they do lose charge, and they can even corrode. If the latter happens, your whole torch can be ruined. Taking the batteries out is a good way to avoid that, while also keeping track of how much charge remains.

If you’ve been camping at the beach, wash all your camping gear with fresh water before storing it

Beaches are one of the best places to camp. Flat ground, the calming sound of waves, and plenty to do are just some of beach camping’s appeal. But there is a minor cost: salt and sand. Salt and sand get just about everywhere when you camp at the beach. And with them, comes rust. If you pack your sandy camping gear away when you get home, you can expect hefty rust to occur before your next trip. Our advice: give everything a thorough freshwater wash!

Here’s a tip for fishing reels: store them with the drag loosened

Finally, let’s take a look at fishing reels – a common camper’s companion. Fishing reels are not always cheap, and they find themselves in pretty harsh environments. That’s why taking care of them is vital. It goes without saying that they need a generous wash. But you should also store them with the drag loosened, so the washers aren’t under unnecessary pressure. This will keep your reels running smoothly well into the future.

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