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Decluttering - Dining Room

Decluttering has shown to make you happier, less stressed, and more productive. We’ve written about the awesome benefits of decluttering before, and in this article, we wanted to show some impressive examples of how decluttering can transform a room.

Clutter doesn’t just look horrible—it can encourage the release of cortisol in your body, which heightens your stress levels and can make you feel anxious (or even depressed)! So after reluctantly rising from your toasty bed in the morning and sitting down for breakfast, the last thing you want is a hit of cortisol to start your day.

This dining area transformation has turned the area from an anxiety-inducing space, to a place of serenity and calm. The immense clutter on the back wall has been organised, and either binned, given to charity, or perhaps placed in a handy storage unit. The large cabinet and shelving has been replaced with much smaller alternatives, which make the room feel quaint and cosy rather than overbearing.

Decluttering - Pantry

Pantries are a common culprit for clutter. As part of the regularly-used kitchen, we’re constantly dipping into them to nourish ourselves, and with so many packets, containers, jars, and tubs, they become messy faster than an infant with a plate of spaghetti.

You only need two things to declutter a pantry effectively: containers and labels. The types of containers include:

  • Open tubs for grouping items such as spices and sauces
  • Clear containers for grouping loose items like rice, sugar, and flour.

Once everything is appropriately grouped, do a little more grouping by placing similar items on the same shelves, and then use labels to quickly identify everything.

Once complete, you’ll quickly learn where everything is kept, and be able to dip into your pantry constantly without creating a ton of ugly clutter.

Decluttering - Lounge

The lounge is supposed to be somewhere to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. Imagine trying to relax in the lounge above, when you’re being accosted on all sides by vacuum cleaners, plastic tubs, and cat beds!

The owner of this property has taken the time to get rid of pretty much every piece of clutter in the room, allowing room for a little piano playing. The book shelves are still a little messy, and would benefit from being moved to a bookshelf in another room, but it’s still a beautiful transformation that will improve the mental health of the home’s residents.

Decluttering - Wardrobe

As with the pantry, wardrobes are another place that quickly get messy. As you dash through each day, slinging your shoes onto the ground isn’t just tempting, it can be a necessity to get to work on time. But do this enough, and you’ll end up with a hideously cluttered wardrobe that is impossible to find anything, and piles on more stress.

The first rule of decluttering is getting rid of what you don’t need. Most of us own far more clothes than we need, assuming we’ll wear something “one day” but never getting around to it. By donating the clothing you no longer wear, you’re potentially making it valuable to someone once again, and perhaps even someone less fortunate than you. You’re also helping to keep a clean, organised wardrobe that is a pleasure to use.

Decluttering - Kitchen

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can make a hell of a mess, and it can be tempting to just leave regularly-used items like your washing up liquid, cutting boards, and cooking oil on the side for quick access. But once you start with a couple of items, you might find that others slowly creep in, until you’ve got an ungodly mess like in the picture above.

To keep your kitchen nice and decluttered, make a rule to put away anything not being used. You’ll probably feel more relaxed every time you go into the kitchen, and it’ll make cooking feel much less arduous.

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