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Storage Ideas For Small Apartment

Small apartments have no shortage of advantages. They’re cosy, affordable, and often well-appointed. The money you save on size, you certainly make up for in other areas! But there’s one thing that seems to persistently affect small apartment owners and occupants alike: storage. Storage is a hard code to crack at the best of times.

Even large homeowners and occupants find themselves stuck for answers in the storage department. So how could a small apartment possible cope with anything short of a minimalist lifestyle? Well, you’d be surprised. Small apartments can offer just as satisfying storage arrangements as any other. You just need to get clever. And with these ideas, that won’t be an issue!

Think vertically: clever storage ideas for small apartments require you to make the most of all space

The first thing to do when looking for small apartment storage ideas is to see all space as storage space. Don’t just look at the bottom of the cupboard – look at the middle and top too! There are plenty of storage solutions that capitalise on vertical space – from hanging shelves, to stackable boxes. All you need to do is work out what to store, and where you can find the right solution to store it. Usually, asking for some help at your local homewares or hardware store is a good way to get some inspiration.

Compartmentalising – it’s the key to small apartment storage, and with these ideas it’s easy too!

Stuff is hardest to store when it’s left to its own devices. It’s always best to categorise and compartmentalise before you look to store your possessions. So what exactly do we mean by that? Well, categorising is simple: put all of your bits and pieces into different categories, and store each category separately. Then that brings us to compartmentalising. To store things separately, find an appropriate ‘compartment.’ It could be a box, a shelf, a bag, or anything else you feel is suitable. Our only tip for compartmentalising: make sure each ‘compartment’ tessellates and stacks!

No built in robe? Our best storage idea is a portable clothes rack for your small apartment

Built in robes are a great foundation for effective home storage. But if you’re in a small apartment, you may need to look for other storage ideas. Not all small apartments come with built in wardrobes! Generally, wardrobes are the first port of call for clothes storage. So finding a good clothes storage alternative is a good starting point. We recommend portable clothes racks for that. They have a sturdy hanging rail, they’re low-profile, and they’re a great way to show off a clothes collection that you’re proud of!

Cull the clutter: getting smart about storage in small apartments doesn’t always require new ideas

Sometimes, it’s the old ideas that work best, and that’s true of small apartment storage. Coming up with innovative new ways to store your things is great, but it will work best if you nail the basics first. For example, getting rid of clutter can sometimes create so much space that you don’t need to create any more. A lot of the things that stand between us and easy storage are things that we rarely use, and may not even need. Getting rid of them is a good way to ensure that all your storage space is occupied by things that you need.

Finally, outsource! Getting a storage unit is an excellent idea to make your small apartment yours again

What about those things we need, but not often? Things that only come out on special occasions, or are of significant sentimental value, may be taking up a great deal of your storage space. If that’s the case, it’s time to outsource! By getting a storage unit, you can keep the things you don’t want to throw out, but save your storage space for the day-to-day essentials.

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