7 Useful Tips For Storing Glassware

Storing Glassware Tips

Storage is a pretty straightforward concept. But when you throw some glassware in the mix, everything you thought you knew seems to go out the window. So what’s the scoop on storing glassware? Well, it really depends on the type of glassware you’re storing, where you’re storing it, and for how long. But there are a few tips that work pretty much across the board. So read on for some useful tips on storing glassware!

1. Storing glassware like wine and cocktail glasses? Keep the rim facing up!

Stemmed glassware seems to inspire the most fear in us all. It’s just so delicate that a single storage slip up can result in cracked glasses. And nobody wants that! But, as with everything, there is a right and a wrong way when it comes to storing glassware with stems. The cardinal rule is keeping the rim up. Storing glassware like this will stop the rim from weakening over time. However, there is a workaround! If you have an overhead rack for wine glasses and champagne flutes, the rim will obviously face down, and that’s more than ok – it’s actually ideal.

2. Storing glassware with protection: how much is too much?

When you’re storing glassware, the temptation is always there: wrap it in miles of bubble wrap and resign it to a cardboard box. But is that actually the best way? Well, not always. Some bubble wrap is a good idea for long-term storage – we suggest one layer on the outside and one on the inside. Too much bubble wrap can give a false sense of security and cause a few other issues, which we will discuss below.

3. Storing your glassware in boxes? Avoid stacking them if at all possible

So you’ve got the bubble wrap on and the glassware is in the box – what now? You’re pretty much in the clear, but avoid stacking those boxes at all costs! Even a slight weight on your glassware over a long period of time will cause it to fatigue. This makes your glassware prone to cracking and chipping.

4. If you’re storing glassware for long periods of time, make sure you check up on it

Our last tip on storing glassware leads pretty nicely into this one: check up on your glassware regularly. If you have packed your glassware away, try not to forget about it. It is fragile and there are all sorts of things that can cause some damage over time. Our advice is to get in every few weeks and make sure there are no problems.

5. How’s the temperature in your storage unit? Storing glassware at consistent temperatures is vital

We all know that glassware is fragile – that’s why storing it is such a nightmare! But do you know exactly why it’s so fragile? It’s because it’s so brittle. And brittle materials do not mix well with sudden changes in temperature. If you’re storing glassware in a storage shed and a particularly hot day is followed by a cold night or sudden storm, the temperature change will be problematic. In fact, sudden temperature changes can cause glassware to crack.

6. Storing glassware in plastic packaging can result in a stale or musty smell – try letting air circulate

This tip is a follow-on from our advice on using bubble wrap – and it’s an important one! Using too much bubble wrap can prevent air from circulating through your glassware. Doesn’t sound that important, right? But surprisingly, it is. If air doesn’t circulate, your glassware can get a mouldy or musty smell, which can be pretty off-putting!

7. Storing your glassware on a shelf? Don’t forget to wash them frequently

Finally, let’s talk dust. Storing glassware for a long time is always going to mean dust – especially if you have the fancy glassware on the top shelf! Dust isn’t a massive deal, but it is abrasive and in certain circumstances it can scratch the glass. The scratches will be minute at first, but they can cause the glass to dull over time. So keep an eye on your shelved glasses when you’re storing glassware – a wash every now and then will keep them sparkly!

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