5 Tips for Storing Glass Items in Your Storage Unit

Storage units are often seen as places to store hardwearing things like old furniture or clothes. With the right approach however, you can successfully store delicate items as well. Porcelain, china and glass are all relatively easy to store in self storage units. With a bit of research and the right packaging materials, you can store glass in your self storage unit for years on end, with no risk of breakages. The five tips below provide a good starting point for you, if you are considering storing glass items.

Use the correct packaging for your glass items

Choosing the correct packaging is perhaps the most important step in storing glass. You need to ensure that you have the correct type and quantity of protective packaging. When it comes to storing glass, it is always preferable to pack each item individually. For example, if you are storing glass cups together, then each one needs to be wrapped. Otherwise, they will shatter on each other. To wrap each one, you should use relatively fine bubble wrap. Don’t be afraid to use a generous amount either.

Place them together in a dedicated section of your storage unit

When you store your glass items, you should ensure that they are not spread out across your self storage unit. Before you fill the unit up, dedicate a corner to your delicate items. By doing this at the beginning, you can work around them and make sure that they don’t sustain any damage as you pack and unpack. Depending on how much glass you are storing, you might even want to assign them a dedicated glass cabinet or something similar. This will keep them off the ground and in clear sight.

Ideally, store them in a sturdy box or container

If you don’t have quite enough glassware to warrant a dedicated cabinet, you could use a box instead. A sturdy timber or plastic box will provide some exterior protection from your glassware and ensure that it isn’t easily damaged. Packing your glass items using bubble wrap is always preferable, but that doesn’t mean you can use other products as well. For example, filling your glassware box with packing peanuts will stop glass items from moving around and add an extra dimension of protection to the storage set up. When it comes to storing glass, its ok to think outside the square a little bit.

Never stack them on top of a high surface

It is never a good idea to store your glass items up high. Regardless of how sturdy the high surface is, it only increases the risk of damage when you retrieve or pack your glass items. It is much harder to guarantee the safety of your glassware if you have to balance on boxes or chairs just to get to it. Instead, you should allocate a space on the ground for your box of glass items. Alternatively, you can assign them to a vacant cabinet or chest in your storage unit.

Ensure that they are well labelled

Finally, you should take the time to label your glass items clearly. By labelling them, and the box that they are stored in, you will ensure that anyone who enters your unit is aware of their fragility. You can purchase ‘fragile’ stickers from many packing companies and these are a great way to get the message across. It will also make them easily identifiable when it comes time to retrieve them. If you are storing different types of glassware in different boxes, you should make that clear as well.

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