5 Tips For Cleaning Your Self Storage Unit

5 Tips For Cleaning Your Self Storage Unit

To makes sure that your possessions remain in perfect condition, it is always a good idea to clean your self storage unit. Despite what you might think, self storage units do require some maintenance. Such maintenance is worthwhile, however, as it ensures that your goods will be in perfect condition when you need them.

Cleaning a self storage unit is a little bit different to cleaning your home. As you would imagine, you don’t need to clean a self storage unit quite as often as you need to clean your home. This means that it is important to do a good job when you do.

Choose a time each month to clean your self storage unit

For the best results, it is advisable to clean your self storage unit about once a month. Of course, this does depend to an extent on what you are storing. Some items are hardier than others and might not need frequent attention. Items of this nature include outdoor furniture, gardening supplies and tools. Other items, such as clothes and artworks, however, are a little more delicate. Generally speaking, a monthly clean will be sufficient to protect all items, but you should exercise a little discretion when making this decision. If you know that some of your items might sustain serious damage from mould or dust, then you might need to clean your unit even more frequently.

Try and identify things that you don’t need to store anymore

If you are visiting your self storage unit at least once a month, then you should be able to identify items that you no longer need. Over time, some things simply become redundant in our lives. In these cases, it is always better to dispose of them. If they remain in your self storage unit, they will simply invite more dust and mould. This will make it harder for you to clean your self storage unit, and it increases the risk of your other possessions being damaged.

Make sure there is no sign of mould or mildew

Mould and mildew are the two most destructive aspects of long term self storage. Even in the driest, most secure self storage units, mould and mildew can make themselves at home among your possessions. They favour natural materials such as cotton and leather, which means that furniture and clothing are always at risk. When you clean your self storage unit, you should keep a keen eye out for mould and mildew. If you see any, then address it immediately. You can do so with any number of anti-mould sprays and wipes. The alternative is you can wipe it away with a solution of clove oil and water, for a more fragrant and natural smell.

Wipe down furniture and dusty surfaces

Dust and mould go hand in hand, so thoroughly dusting your self storage unit when you clean is essential. Over time, almost all flat surfaces will collect dust in your self storage unit. By dusting frequently and effectively, however, you can ensure that this does not develop into mould. You can also ensure that the dust does not penetrate the fibres of your clothes or furniture. For the best results, you can try anti-static wipes or even just a damp cloth.

Check inside boxes and drawers for signs of dust, mould or insects

Self storage units often house many items. This means it can be easy to overlook drawers or boxes. While it is essential to wipe down all flat surfaces, it is just as important to clean inside boxes and drawers as well. These cavities often harbour a great deal of dust, mould and even insects, which can quickly damage their contents. To avoid this, check inside all containers and drawers when you are cleaning your self storage unit.

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