5 Surprising Benefits Of Using a Shipping Container For Storage

Benefits Of Using a Shipping Container For Storage

Taking back space around the house is normally a big and arduous deal. Even the thought of it probably sends you into mild nervous shock, but it doesn’t need to! By getting creative, it’s actually pretty easy to take control of your storage around the home. Sure, you may have run out of space in the garage. But there is more space at hand – all you need is a shipping container and some room in the backyard. Want to know more? Read on.

#1 Shipping containers are bigger than they look – they probably offer more storage space than your garage

Shipping containers may seem like a bit of an industrial solution to your storage woes, but their benefits are many and varied. Among these benefits is size, and not only size – but also spaciousness. Shipping containers may look big on the outside, but on the inside they look even bigger. With a high ceiling, deep construction and decent width, shipping containers have more than enough room for your household belongings. In fact, with some careful and precise packing, we reckon you could just about move everything you own in a shipping container.

#2 With solid steel construction and sturdy doors, shipping containers offer very secure storage

If you’re going to put a large proportion of your belongings in the one place, you want that place to be secure. And if you use a shipping container for storage, security is exactly what you’ll get! Most shipping containers are constructed from steel. They have solid doors, powerful hinges and almost impenetrable locking mechanisms. All you need to bring is a solid padlock, and your possessions will be strictly off limits!

#3 Rain, hail or shine: Shipping containers can outlast the conditions to offer dry and safe storage!

If you’re storing household items in a shipping container in southern Queensland, the weather has probably crossed your mind. After all, we get some pretty powerful and pretty frequent storms down here – are shipping containers up to the challenge? Absolutely! Shipping containers are built to traverse the world’s most savage oceans, from the North Atlantic, to the Southern Ocean and every stretch of sea in between. If they can put up with Antarctic conditions one month, and tropical conditions the next, we reckon they will thrive in your backyard. When it comes to weather, shipping containers have you covered.

#4 Time to move? Shipping containers are built for two things: storage, and transport!

We’ve all been there: the house of your dreams comes into view and it’s time to take the plunge. How will your shipping container full of belongings fit into the whole moving equation? With ease, of course! Shipping containers are built to move – that’s the whole purpose of their creation. With a single phone call, you can have your shipping container on the road and heading to your brand new home. You don’t even need to reorganise it if you’re not that way inclined.

#5 Using shipping containers for storage is great because you can locate them wherever you like

Essentially, shipping containers offer you the most versatile and robust storage solution available. Their very nature makes them the perfect storage vessel. You can rest assured that a shipping container will take your belongings to every corner of the globe if that’s where you send it. Better still, it will take them there safely and securely. So take the plunge and regain some space around the house while you’re at it! Find a suitable patch of grass and arrange for a shipping container today.

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