5 Surprising Benefits Of Self Storage During Home Renovations

Storage is an issue during almost every renovation project – if you’ve renovated before, you probably knew that already! That’s why a lot of homeowners choose self storage options before their renovation begins. The main benefits of this choice are pretty obvious too: you’re freeing up vital space during the project. But what about the more surprising benefits of self storage during home renovations? We know all about the slightly less publicised, but just as important benefits of self storage. That’s why we have listed our favourite benefits from behind the scenes. So read on and enjoy some potentially new perspectives on self storage.

Some benefits of self storage aren’t as obvious as others – like security!

Chances are, security isn’t really something you think about during a renovation. During most renovations, the only expensive things lying around are power tools, and they normally go home with the builders. But if you’ve relocated your belongings to make room for the renovation project, they might not be as secure as they were. For example if you’ve moved valuables such as furniture and electronics into a garage or shed, they are more susceptible to theft. With a self storage facility, that’s not a problem! Self storage is a secure way to store your belongings while the project is underway.

Another benefit of self storage during renovations is longevity – damage is less likely

What if you’ve found space for your belongings inside your home? Firstly, we are impressed! Finding space during a renovation is challenging to say the least. Nevertheless, you have to think about the possibility of damage. During renovations, there is a lot of movement and activity. There is also a lot of dust. So even if you’ve moved your possessions out of harms way, there is still a good chance they’ll come out covered in dust. And some materials don’t mix well with dust! To avoid damage and dust, we recommend self storage – cleanliness is just one of the advantages it’ll give you.

Renovations and bad weather don’t mix – safety from the rain

Some renovations can put a dampener on your home’s weatherproofing. Projects like home extensions often involve invasive constructions, which can expose parts of your home to the elements. If it rains when you’re exposed, water damage may be a problem. Our advice: talk to your builder about the chances of water damage. And to avoid any risk, put water-sensitive items into self storage while the project is being completed.

Safety is one of the most surprising benefits of self storage – here’s how!

Self storage and safety probably seem like a funny mix. But, believe it or not, self storage can contribute to a safe work site for you and the builders in charge of your renovations. Let us explain how. If you have furniture and other such belongings around the house, you’ll need to move them to make room for your renovations. And items like that aren’t always easy to move. That means that they become obstacles. If they remain where they are, they can be hazardous. But moving them around constantly isn’t always safe either. That’s why the best solution is to get them out of the way altogether by putting them into storage. As they say, out of sight, out of mind!

Finally, self storage will make your renovation less stressful – so why not give it a go?

Finally, there is one crucial and often overlooked benefit of self storage during renovations: it can alleviate stress. Renovations are stressful, and having to constantly reshuffle your belongings will only make it worse. That’s why we recommend booking a self storage unit for the duration of your renovation.

Get everything squared away in one fell swoop; contact us today and enjoy the benefits of self storage!


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