What Can You Store In Climate Controlled Self Storage?

Climate Controlled Self Storage

Our modern world is filled with items of incredible variety, each built in a unique way, and with particular materials to achieve its purpose. Unfortunately, the materials used in some products require certain conditions to remain in good condition, with humidity and extreme temperatures liable to warp them, crack them, or completely destroy them. This is where climate controlled self storage comes in. Continue reading

What Is Minimalism? And What Are The Benefits?

What Is Minimalism

Have you ever moved house, and wondered how on earth you accumulated so much stuff? That’s a result of living in a capitalist economy, which thrives by selling us items of all kinds, whether essential or non-essential. Often, we buy stuff that is not only unnecessary, but does nothing for our sense of well-being. And the worst part? We can’t bear to sell or throw away any of our beloved possessions. In the words of Tyler Durden: ‘the things you own end up owning you’. Continue reading