6 Expert Tips to Help Organise Your Home Office

Home offices are the centre of home organisation. Or at least, they should be! Too often, our home offices are actually the centre of home clutter. They seem to collect all sorts of bits and pieces, most of which simply needn’t be there. But getting rid of it is easier said than done. When it comes to the war on clutter, home offices are the front line. Sometimes, it feels like a losing battle. However, with a few simple tips, your home office can transform into the organised haven it should be. Here’s how. Continue reading

Hiring Removalists | Do You Really Need Them?

Removalists account for one of the bigger costs of moving. And when you see them hard at work in a Queensland summer, it’s easy to see why! But do you really need to hire removalists? After all, you know your stuff better than anyone – surely you could pack it and move it quickly. Well, maybe, but there’s more to it than that. A lot of the benefits of hiring removalists are unseen. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to hire removalists for your next move. Continue reading

How to Choose a Storage Unit | Step by Step Instructions

how to choose a storage unit

Storage units are the most time-tested and effective way to rid your life of clutter. Got some stuff you don’t know what to do with? A storage unit is your first port of call! However, there are lots available. Across the state, there are countless storage units up for rent. Some are great; others are not so great. A lot of the time, though, it’s hard to tell. Continue reading

Top 5 Tips For Storing Furniture Long Term

Storing Furniture Long Term

Furniture: it’s responsible for taking most of the space in our homes. That’s one of the reasons furniture often has to go into storage. If you need space but aren’t ready to part with certain things for good, then long term storage is the solution you need. But, despite what you might think, furniture storage isn’t a set and forget solution. Sure, furniture is pretty tough and doesn’t need much maintenance. But, over the long term, small problems can become big ones. That’s why we’ve put together these tips for storing furniture long term. Continue reading

How to Store Antiques in a Self Storage Unit

How to Store Antiques

Antiques are absolutely full of character; that’s why we love them so much. But that character was almost invariably gained over the course of a long, and sometimes hard life. Every crack, scratch, colour change, and texture is usually attributable to some event in the distant past. And as much as we love our antiques for that character, it’s not normally something we want to make much contribution to. That’s why we always try and store antiques carefully. But what if you need to reclaim a bit of space around the house? Some of those antiques may be first in line for a stint in self storage. That then begs the question: how should you store antiques in self storage?

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Guide to Storing Camping and Sporting Equipment

all size sheds camping gear

If you’ve got a shed full of camping gear, you’ve probably also got the urge to camp every weekend. However, it’s sad to say that few of us get the opportunity to do so. With work and family commitments, camping often has to take a back seat. Not to worry though – all you need to do is store your camping gear well so it’s ready to go next time. After all, if your camping gear is in good nick, you’ll have no troubles getting outdoors when the chance next arises. But that’s easier said than done. So often, when you bring out the camping gear, it’s still bearing remnants of your last trip. And not in a good way! Luckily, with these tips, storing your camping gear will be easier and more effective.

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A Guide to Self Storage Packing Supplies

A Guide to Self Storage Packing Supplies

Getting your goods into self storage is relieving to say the least. Self storage is undoubtedly the most effective way to recover space around your house. But there’s an art to all storage, and self storage is no different. The art of packing is founded on a stable supply of packing equipment. If you have all the necessary packing supplies, you can make the most of your self storage space, and get more bang for your buck. So here’s our list of self storage packing essentials!

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6 Furniture Storage Tips For Self Storage

6 Furniture Storage Tips For Self Storage

Storing furniture is necessary on many occasions. Whether you’re moving house, or simply reclaiming some space, self storage is the best way to keep your furniture out of harm’s way. However, some items of furniture need a little more love than others; storing is rarely a set and forget solution! Luckily, though, with some careful thought you can store your furniture easily and effectively for long periods of time. Here are our best six tips for doing so. Continue reading

Top 5 Tips To Relieve The Stress Of Moving With Self Storage

stress of moving house

Moving house is one of the most significant logistical tasks most people undertake. It involves packing your entire life into boxes and moving it anywhere from up the road, to interstate. It’s little wonder, then, that a lot of people find moving stressful. Normally, there’s a pretty long period of uncertainty – a transitional period where you don’t really have any permanent storage available. That is, if you don’t have a self storage unit. Self storage units are the key to stability in your moving experience. With self storage, you can get rid of the stress that too often comes with moving house. That’ll leave you free to focus on what is likely to be a profound life event! Continue reading