6 Furniture Storage Tips For Self Storage

6 Furniture Storage Tips For Self Storage

Storing furniture is necessary on many occasions. Whether you’re moving house, or simply reclaiming some space, self storage is the best way to keep your furniture out of harm’s way. However, some items of furniture need a little more love than others; storing is rarely a set and forget solution! Luckily, though, with some careful thought you can store your furniture easily and effectively for long periods of time. Here are our best six tips for doing so.

Leather furniture needs extra care: here are our tips for leather self storage

Leather needs to breathe, and that’s the golden tip when it comes to leather furniture storage. The temptation is always there to cover everything in plastic and leave it for months. But leather simply won’t respond well to that at all. When leather can’t breathe, moisture builds on its surface. This can turn into mould, which stains and taints leather furniture. As well as that, fluctuating moisture levels can cause the leather to dry and crack quickly when it’s removed from storage. That’s why you should never store leather furniture in self storage with plastic.

Timber furniture needs to be treated well in self storage, and with these tips that’s easy!

Timber furniture lasts lifetimes. It can be refurbished again and again, with relative ease. So it’s easy to think that you can throw it in self storage for a few months without thinking twice. Well, to a certain extent that’s true; however, it needs some preparation first. Good self storage units regulate moisture very well, to prevent mould. That can have the effect of drying timber furniture, if it’s stored incorrectly. And dry timber is prone to cracking. Our tip is to give timber furniture a quick sand and varnish before storing it for long periods of time. This will ensure that it comes out looking like new!

Other furniture materials like cotton blends are robust – our tips for their self storage are simple

Couches made from cotton blends are normally pretty robust items of furniture. However, they are still prone to some of the same problems as other materials like leather. For that reason, we don’t recommend storing them under plastic. For shorter periods of time, you may be able to get away with it. But in the long term, you’re better off storing it under a cotton sheet, and checking it regularly for signs of mould.

Bedroom furniture is easy to store: our biggest tip is to find a good storage facility

Mattresses, beds, and bedside tables are all pretty easy to store. Mattresses are rarely made of organic fibres, so they can usually store pretty well under plastic. However, they can deteriorate if you don’t choose the right storage facility. Excessive levels of moisture and heat can allow mould to taint your mattress especially. So before you store it, make sure you’re comfortable with the storage facility you’ve chosen. It might be worth asking about their facilities in a bit of detail first.

Storing bulky furniture like tables must be done safely: here are our safe storage tips

Bulky and heavy items of furniture can cause injury if stored incorrectly. That’s why it’s vital that you never stack heavy items of furniture on each other. Our advice is to use the table as a solid base to stack lighter items. alternatively, if possible, you can flip the table onto its fact, so there’s no chance of falling items.

Metal furniture is prone to rust, so storing it correctly is a must! Here’s what to do

Finally, keep an eye out for rust! Metal furniture can rust quite easily under the right circumstances. Again, avoiding this is generally a matter of choosing the right storage facility. But when you do, you can rest assured that your metal furniture will last rust-free for a long time.

For more useful storage tips, contact us.

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